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Charlie Cookman

Charlie Cookson

Name : Charlie Cookman
Age: 10
Home :farnborough Hampshire
School: Guillemont Junior school
Fishery : Swan valley syndicate Yateley
English PB: Mirror 46lb 10oz common 26lb 05oz
French PB:  57lb 04oz
Favourite French fishery: Crete lakes

Favourite rig : KD easy to try but very effective

I started fishing with my Dad when I was about seven.  I was the youngest member on the Twynersh complex and had two great season there with my biggest fish being a fish called one scale at 33lb 06oz . At the time that was my PB. I loved fishing there it was a great complex that Big Paul ran. We mainly fished pit two where we were testing a bait for Sandhurst baits over the two years. I did really well on the lake with many good catches and a good amount of high teens plenty of low 20s and high 20s and topped it all off with the 30. Then my dad was lucky enough to get us on Swan valley, Yatley. I have already had some unbelievable sessions there. I caught my first 40 The lumpy Halflinn and then three days before my 10th birthday I caught a very special brace of fish round about 6 o’clock early October. my bite alarm went off I had Enoch 46lb 10oz which stands as th e lake record , when my dad was putting it in the retainer as we waited for One of dads friends to come and take the photos,my other road went off and I had The Korda fish at 37lb. A brace of fish over 83lb. I just love going fishing with my dad what young boy wouldn’t like to go fishing spending the night out on the bank.
My Other interests include boxing. I have been boxing for about three years and had my first fight in March 2015. I train 3 to 4 times a week. I also play football and play Centre back for Hawley FC.