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Paul D Pop up rig.

With rig mechanics being a huge part of fishing, Team member Paul Dennis shows us his favourite pop up rig.

paul d pop
Components needed :-
Gripper style curved shank hook , Downfall semi stiff 15lb, sinker , micro swivel. putty , anti tangle sleeve.
pic 2
Strip back around 4-6 inches from the outer coating of the Downfall.
pic 3
Form a loop in the exposed braided section.
pic 4
Next slide a micro swivel over the loop.
pic 5
Now hook the loop over the hook and have the top of the loop finish inline with the barb.  Whip the braid 5 times around the hook and cut the tag end off.
pic 6
Next slide on 10 to 15mm of shrink tube and steam down slightly bending it to form a nice curve, slide a sinker down to where the braid is stripped back.
pic 7
Following this I add some tungsten putty over the sinker. I like to add enough to just sink the rig slowly with my chosen pop up .
pic 8
Slide on a anti tangle sleeve then tie the knot, here I have tied the figure of eight knot.
pic 9
with the rig steamed straight I add my chosen 15mm pop up. I prefer to use the gripper size 4  hook and with this I find the balance is perfect.
I would like to add the reason I use the Tungsten sinker is it grips the braid which then can be pulled back allowing adjustment in the rig. This simple strip back and sinker movement quickly allows the pop up to be fished at diffent depths.
This is my favoured go to rig and has caught me countless fish up to this stunning 54Lb  mirror.
Tie it and try it
pic 10