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Gripper Hooks

Probably one of our most versatile hook patterns made in Japan, chemically sharpened and PFTE coated.

The hook wire is extra fine but still extremely
strong. you want sharp hooks, there are no sharper.
In sizes 4, 6 and 8. 10 pcs in a box.

Ideally suited to the blow back, D rig, Ronni rig, or Kd rig.

This is i big favourite of the Team and has accounted for many captures at home and Abroad.


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Fast Sinking Hook Link 

If your looking for an ultra strong super fine fast sinking supple braid then look no further.

An extensive range of attractive fast sinking 50/50 hook links, available in colours Black & green, Black & white, Mud brown and Olive green, three different breaking strains: 15, 25 and 35 Lb. and come on a 20 meter spool.

A great all round supple braid with great knot strength.

Great for scaling down during the winter months due to its fine diameter

Ideally suited for the slip D rig, Blow back, and supple section on a Combi rig

Why not try it for method feeders and PVA bags.

****Product Review****


Downfall Leader

If you’re looking for a leader material that you can take almost anywhere and have 100% confidence in, take at look at our lead free Down Fall.
It comes in 45lb breaking strain, in both camou green and brown on 10m spools.

Key features:
Soft material enabling hugging of the lake bed.
Abrasive resistant.
Easy to splice.
Super strong.

With so many lakes banning lead core this is the perfect compromise.

 Alternatively why not try splicing this as a boom on the Hinge stiff or Ronni rigs.

why not take a look at this along with other products on our website, simply click on the image and you will be transferred to our shop page.